Delicious Smoothie Combos

If you're looking for a filling, healthy and delicious breakfast or snack, a smoothie cannot be beat. The key to a good smoothie is usually yogurt — that's what gives the drink its thickness and substance.

Selecting the right combination of fruit (you can use fresh or frozen) is also part of concocting a good smoothie. Start with a favourite flavour base. You can then experiment with fruit pairings or try some of the following:

Berry Banana:

You can use fresh or frozen blueberries when making a smoothie. Bananas and yogurt make this recipe really rich and creamy.

Raspberry and Peach:

Raw cashews (soaked and ground) gives this recipe a creamy taste and texture and a jolt of protein.


There is no need to peel your own pomegranate as this recipe calls for pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice is really high in anti-oxidants and an incredibly healthy drink.

Tropical Papaya and Kiwi:

It will seem like summer all year round with this tropical treat.

Oranges and Mango:

This smoothie tastes like an “Orange Julius” and will fulfil your vitamin C quota for the day.

Raspberry, Lime and Mint:

This is a refreshing smoothie made extra special with fat free frozen yogurt.


It may sound unusual, but oatmeal is a no-brainer in a smoothie. It's a great thickener and leaves you feeling like you've had a nice, hearty breakfast. It also doesn't hurt that it is heart healthy, too.

Coffee Smoothie:

Now you can get your morning coffee fix in smoothie form! To make this smoothie you will need “strongly brewed coffee, milk, a dash of sugar, a few tablespoons of instant vanilla pudding (to sweeten and slightly thicken), ice… and a big fat blender”.

Green smoothies:

Green smoothies are by no means freaky, and if you blend them with a bit of fruit, you won't even notice you're getting your daily allowance of veggies.