Our products are all “IQF” frozen fruit. “IQF” being Individual Quick Frozen

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Smoothie Packs

Berry Express - Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry 25 x 140g
Tropical Tang - Peach, Pineapple, Mango 25 x 140g
Paw Paw Punch - Papaya, Kiwi, Strawberry 25 x 140g
Best Mate - Raspberry, Blueberry, Banana 25 x 140g
Peach Bum - Peach, Strawberry, Banana 25 x 140g
"5 a day" Mix Box (5 of each Flavour) - Berry Express, Tropical Tang, Paw Paw Punch, Best Mate, Peach Bum 25 x 140g

Frozen Fruits & Berries

Apricot Diced IQF 1Kg
Banana Slices IQF 1Kg
Blackberries IQF 1Kg
Blueberries Cultivated IQF 1Kg
Cranberries IQF 1Kg
Gooseberries IQF 1Kg
Kiwi Diced IQF 1Kg
Mango Diced IQF 2Kg
Just Berries IQF 1Kg
Papaya Diced IQF 1Kg
Passionfruit Pulp With Seeds 1Kg
Peach Diced IQF 1Kg
Pineapple Pieces IQF 1Kg
Raspberries IQF 1Kg
Red Sour Cherry IQF 1Kg
Strawberries IQF 1Kg
Sweet Black Cherry IQF 1Kg
Black Fig Whole IQF 1Kg

Frozen Dessert

Plain Frozen Yogurt 5 litres
Dolce Vita Premium Vanilla Ice Cream 5 Litres


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Johannesburg and East Rand - Tuesdays and Thursdays
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