We are dedicated to providing quality IQF frozen fruit

So Smoothies is currently available in the greater Gauteng area. We deliver to all establishments and private clients that fall within this area.

So Smoothies is sold in a wide range of establishments from Pretoria to Johannesburg through to Hartebeespoort Dam ranging from coffee shops, delis, restaurants, hotels, spa's, hospitals to gyms and many more.

If you are interested in getting your hands on So Smoothies then please feel free to contact us at : info@sosmoothies.co.za

If you are situated outside Gauteng and you are interested in So Smoothies please feel free to let us know and we will see if we can assist you with your smoothie needs.

For further information please contact us at: info@sosmoothies.co.za


The guys at home

Making life easy for those who enjoy smoothies at home. Delivered to your door and saving you time and money with our unique made easy smoothie pouches. No more wastage of fresh fruit and no more chopping and peeling. Perfect for a breakfast on the go or when you're just lounging around the pool. All you need is a blender to make the smoothie and a freezer to store the pouches until the next blending session.

Restaurants, cafe's, coffee shops and deli's

Restaurants mostly make use of our 1kg catering packs for dessert preparations, sauces or other applications other than making smoothies as for the cafe and coffee shop owner the So Smoothie Concept is the perfect add-on to any menu. Supplied with point of sale material the smoothies offer a great tasting healthy option to traditional offerings. They offer great stock control and less time wastage preparing drinks. The healthy and natural ingredients provide a unique selling point to customers. Having an increasingly health driven market creates an increased demand for healthy menu items from the consumer.

Health spa's and Gyms

Living life to the fullest has us all wanting to take that trip to the spa or make time for a quick session at the gym. With So Smoothies available at these institutions the smoothie making is one less thing to worry about. Great for the patron relaxing at a spa and an excellent after gym drink for anyone that cares about what they eat, drink and how others perceive them.

Golf clubs

Late for your round or just need something refreshing to keep you going until lunch at the halfway. So Smoothies is the perfect match for any golfer who needs natural lasting energy. Grab a take away cup and off you go, enjoy the round and we'll be seeing you at the halfway house.

Hospitals and clinics

What more can be said other than healthy and nutritional. Our smoothie products can be found at a variety of health institutions throughout the greater Gauteng region. Our product is quick and simple to prepare which gives all patrons the chance to unwind with an ice cold, nutritious and delicious smoothie. Do them as a sit-down or even as take out, your clients will love them and you will to.

Hotels and guest houses

In general our hospitality clients strive to offer no less than the best in quality and taste. So Smoothies offers the hospitality operation consistency, convenience and a great quality product.

Mobile bars

So Smoothies has a number of Mobile bar companies that want to serve healthy, great tasting beverages that support the Smooth. The So Smoothie concept has proven to be a welcome and helpful addition to their mobile operations. Our pouches reduces the preparation time and the wastage of fruit, making it ideal for the fast serving mobile industry.

Contract Catering companies

The market and consumer dynamics are changing and many contract catering companies are requested by their clients to make use of healthier option when it comes to preparing meals and drinks. We offer our catering partners a great solution when they are looking for something healthy which can be served daily without patrons getting tired of the products. With a variety of 5 recipes, a caterer can combine and mix to create enough variants that will leave even the acquired taste guessing..