Try your favourite So Smoothie blended with a measure or two of your favourite spirit.



Berry Express picks up speed with Orange Juice, Vodka or Gin
Tropical Tang add a bang with Orange Juice, White Rum or Tequila
Best Mate becomes better with Apple Juice, a dash of Gin or Vodka
Peach Bum becomes carefree with Apple Juice, Malibu or Tequila.


Cooked Oats with Blueberries & Honey
Blueberry smoothie bowl - topped with sliced banana
Serve with Seeds and Nuts
Peanut butter and sliced banana toast with a sprinkling of chia seeds
Please feel free to experiment with the smoothies adding different ingredients like ice cream, milk and Yoghurt. Remember it is frozen fruit and can be mixed with anything you desire. It fits into your Sugar free, Low Carb healthy lifestyle



Berry Coulis as topping on Meringues or Tarts
Blueberry pancake
Banana pancake
Blueberry and Strawberry crisp
Strawberry Cheesecake


Best Ever Blueberry Muffin Recipe
Berry Compote
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