So Smoothies Traders CC is a Smoothie and Frozen Berry & Fruit Distribution Company

We are dedicated to providing top quality frozen fruit smoothies and related products to businesses and the private sector.

Here at So Smoothies we understand that in these days everyone is living life at a crazy pace, we also understand that living healthy and living life to the fullest need to go hand in hand. We strive to give you a healthy great tasting product to make living life healthy as easy as possible.

Our products are all “IQF” frozen fruit. “IQF” being Individual Quick Frozen. All the fruits are peeled, chopped and frozen within a short period of time after picking, meaning all the nutrients, colour and most importantly the flavour is sealed in. Best of all we guarantee a 12 month shelf (freezer) life from packaged date.

Our smoothies are packed as 140g pouches and we supply them in boxes of 25 pouches. We have five “newbie” recipes, all of which have been specialy constructed and taste tested to offer you a different mind blowing experience with each one. We supply these boxes as 25 pouches of one flavour but we will also do a “5-a-day” mix box consisting of 5 pouches of each recipe.

We have everything from mixed berries to mango to pineapple and banana

These days everyone is telling us that we should consume our 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables. Being the nice guys that we are here at So Smoothies we have made it so much easier to do this, and we reckon that one of our smoothies can offer you at least 2 and a half of your 5-a-day

We also stock a extensive range of IQF fruit supplied in 1kg bags. We have everything from mixed berries to mango to pineapple and banana. This is great for the preparation of desserts, cocktails, pizzas and baked goods.

If you desire any further information or if you would like to place a order please feel free to contact us!